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Couples Photography Poses
Couples Photography Poses

Hi friends, we are so glad you’re here!

We may be the right photographers for you if you:

☾ love spontaneous unscripted adventures

☾ want to feel comfortable in front of a camera 

☾ value capturing memories over posed photos 

☾ want your wedding day to be full of laughter

Couples Photography Poses

precious moments

Creating Art Out Of Life's

Lets Make Your Special
Day Truly Magical!

Meet Us

We started our journey in photography in high school and quickly morphed from "just for fun" to creating an official business. We adore true color, and bright, candid moments.


We specialize in working with wildly, adventurous in-love couples who aren't afraid to be a little bit silly and a whole lot of in-love. 


So if you're ready to take your love to the next level, let's chat! We can't wait to capture all of the crazy, beautiful moments that make your love story one for the ages.

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A Collection Of


Curating collections of cherished moments is our specialty at Treeline Photos. We focus on capturing the unique beauty of weddings, couples, and other special occasions. With a keen eye for candid emotions, intricate details, and picturesque backdrops, our goal is to create visual stories that resonate deeply. Explore the packages we offer to find the perfect fit for your needs and relive the enchanting narratives of weddings and the heartfelt connections of couples, letting our photos transport you to those unforgettable moments.

Ready to Make Magic Together?

Let's talk

Our style is all about adventure and emotion. Think of us as your photojournalistic storytellers. Your gallery will be a mix of grand and intimate experiences, spiced up with playful, adventurous portraits.

Are you ready to kickstart your next big adventure? Fill out our contact form, and let's create some incredible memories!

Han + Ash


Serving in...

We specialize in capturing love stories in Chattanooga, TN, the Smoky Mountains, and surrounding areas. Whether amidst the scenic beauty of the mountains or the charming cityscape of Chattanooga, we are dedicated to creating timeless memories for couples on their special day. Let us be part of your celebration, turning fleeting moments into cherished treasures.

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