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We're HAN & ASH

hey there!

Welcome to Treeline Photos, where opposites not only attract but also create stunning memories! We're Hannah and Ashlyn, the dynamic duo behind the lens.


Hannah here – I'm all about faith, family, and friends, and I'm on a never-ending quest for hidden gems in the culinary world. I find joy in the everyday and can dream up your next big idea in the blink of an eye. An extroverted-introvert, I thrive in solitude but relish deep life conversations. Can't wait to meet you and capture your beautiful moments, perhaps amidst the breathtaking mountains!

And I'm Ashlyn, the adventure-loving, nature-craving half of Treeline Photos. Whether it's hiking, kayaking, or backpacking, I'm your gal for outdoor escapades. As an introvert, I treasure new friendships and have a soft spot for supporting new mothers as a birth doula. If you're up for some birth talk, count me in! We're excited to get to know you and embark on this exciting journey of capturing your love amidst the great outdoors. Let's make memories that last a lifetime!

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Get to know your photographer!

Let’s talk about food. Because we all know it’s the most important thing in life (aside from your photos, of course). We are DIE-HARD Jimmy John’s fans — our order (not because you asked) is the #6 veggie with no avocado and add Jimmy Peppers. If we’re feeling bougie and have the money, the go-to is always Thai food because you can’t go wrong with some rice or noodles. We love our coffee and are always heavily caffeinated. Ashlyn’s order from Starbucks is a brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso with sweet cream cold foam. Hannah’s order from Starbucks is a dirty chai with half n half, sweet cream cold foam, and a crap ton of sugar. If you love food, we’ll love you! 

As we mentioned above, we could not be more opposite. Ashlyn loves anything and everything, including the outdoors. Hannah likes the outdoors but doesn’t like to pee in the woods… Ashlyn likes heights and tall places, and Hannah stands about six feet away from any cliff or ledge. Hannah loves anything hair, makeup, shopping, and girlie. Ashlyn despises shopping, hair, makeup, and girlie things. Ashlyn’s a grandma and can’t navigate her two-inch iPhone. 

We both love adventures, both planned and spontaneous. We are both extremely honest and will tell you if something looks bad or awkward. It might feel awkward, but don’t worry, we’ll be the first to say, “ehhhhhh, not the look…” We love country music, Christmas music, and worship music. We’re both vegetarians and don’t eat anything containing meat. We like blankets and pillows, and eating at 2AM.




Canon R6 with a 50mm f/1.8 lens, 35mm f/1.4 lens, 85mm f/1.8 lens, & 70/20mm f/2.0 lens.


Natural, candid moments that capture real emotions.


The golden hour, just before sunset.


Adventurous and in love couples.


Lightroom Classic, for its versatility and ease of use.

We find inspiration in
those who value the 

simple things in life.


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